UK show2015

As DS Audio, we have attended Hi-Fi show England held on Oct.24th-Oct.25th.
The show was held at Windsor, about 20 minutes away from Heathrow Airport.
The show is said to be the main hi-end audio show in England.
The entire hotel complex was used as the exhibition center with highly classy atmosphere.

DS Audio was hosted by Sound Foundation, who is our distributor in England,together with Clearaudio and IsoTek and GamuT .Two of Clearaudio executives were also attended the show, showing their
seriousness in this market of England.

           entrance of the show                  our room1

          our room2                     our room3

Surprisingly there were many visitors to the show, even its rather expensive entrance fee. We were reminded again that there is a solid and rich analog audio culture there.
Most of the people we spoke with, they do enjoy analog records today.
And most of all, it came to my big surprise that there were many people who had a good knowledge of optical cartridge technology developed by Japanese in 40 years ago. Some comments were;I was very curious about the technology”,,,Heat was the problem”,,,,,I wanted to try it”,,,,,,
Anyway, I was hit by the fact that English audiophiles were very knowledgeable on optical cartridge technology.
Not surprising fact was the “BEATLES”.
Everyone seemed like very fond of their music.

our room4                     our room5

ticket booth                     the show hotel

Our cartridge was unexpectedly well knownto most of the visitors. Maybe it was because
DS Audio cartridge was reviewed by Mr. Ken Kesller in Hi Fi NEWS right before the show, and our cartridge received very favorable remarks and high points.
We were so happy that we could demonstrate our cartridge to those people visited to the show.
And it was very nice to receive wonderful comments on the sound.

Exhibit with Clear Audio and Isotec and Gamut

Finally, we would like to thank SoundFoundation people, who made it possible for us to present our cartridge in England, and most of all, Analog lovers who spent their time to visitus in the show.

It is, by any measure, a superlative device, a
serious contender in its price class, with the bonus of its own equaliser/PSU.
The sound, though, is enough of a departure from classic MC or MM behaviour
that you absolutely must hear it, like going from ribbons to ESLs. Bloody
clever, too.
~Ken Kessler hi-fi news

out side of the hotel view           we had a very good time