ION-001 Vinyl Ionizer【NEW】

Product photo

ION-001 brochure

ION-001 brochure(English)

DS Audio catalog2019 (all products 3.4M)


ION-001 instruction manual

ION-001 Instruction manual(English)

ION-001 installation jig
↑You can use this installation jig to check whether ION-001 can be installed in your home system. When printing, adjust the scale to 1/1.


↑ION-001 vinyl ionizer set up instruction video(English)

ION-001 Instruction Video

↑ION-001 vinyl ionizer Instruction video

↑ION-001vinyl ionizer demonstration video in Munich

↑It is a demonstration video of the static elimination by ION-001 ionizer


Recommended height information for the ION-001 stand

Stand height


ION-001 setting example


Download ION-001 photos, catalogs, etc.(Dropbox link)