ION-001 Vinyl Ionizer【NEW】

ION-001 Vinyl Ionizer【NEW】

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byM(Japan) on
DS-E1 set

DS-E1 Happy days with music I used to listen to it with DENON's station blur, so I used many types of MC, including the genuine DL-103. Since the DN-308F is equipped with an equalizer amplifier, there was no need to prepare an equalizer amplifier or preamplifier. MC listening with the equalizer... More

byDr. Albert Uy on
DS Audio Grand Master Set & ION-001 Vinyl Ionizer

DS Audio Grand Master Set & ION-001 Vinyl Ionizer Day 1 after installation of the DS Audio Grand Master (GM) cartridge on the Sikora tonearm and readjusting of SGR Model V racks to accommodate the heavy GM Phono Equalizer with separate power supply: Like my previous DS Audio Master 1, ... More

by土屋洋(Japan) on
DS-W2 set

I bought the DS-W2 two years ago. I've used many MC cartridges so far, but the W2 sounds quite different from those MC cartridges. It is a natural and realistic sound without coloring. The resolution is high, and it reproduces precisely and realistically from low to high frequencies, but the W2 does... More

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ION-001 catalog(English)
DS Audio catalog2019 (all products 3.4M)

ION-001 instruction manual

ION-001 Instruction manual
ION-001 installation jig

↑You can use this installation jig to check whether ION-001 can be installed in your home system. When printing, adjust the scale to 1/1.



↑ION-001 vinyl ionizer set up instruction video(English)

ION-001 Instruction Video

↑ION-001 vinyl ionizer Instruction video

↑ION-001vinyl ionizer demonstration video in Munich

↑It is a demonstration video of the static elimination by ION-001 ionizer

ION-001 review
“I can report with complete confidence that the Vinyl Ionizer ION-001 is without a doubt the most effective anti-static device I have ever used. My vinyl playback has never sounded quieter, more revealing, and more enjoyable.”

ION-001 review in Taiwan(Chinese) 

“I played a few vinyl records that I often listen to, and it turned out to be very good. The background is darker, the sound quality is improved with clear sound”


ION-001 review in Taiwan(Chhinese)

“The resulting sonic improvements are immediate, obvious and quite astounding in some cases
One also notices better flow and a greater sense of ease in the overall presentation, an expanded sound stage in all dimensions, and richer harmonics of each musical entity as well as its ambient details.”

Recommended height information for the ION-001 stand

Stand height info


ION-001 setting example


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