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The quest for analog utopia comes to an end.
Enter the next generation… enter grand master

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by土屋洋(Japan) on
DS-W2 set

I bought the DS-W2 two years ago. I've used many MC cartridges so far, but the W2 sounds quite different from those MC cartridges. It is a natural and realistic sound without coloring. The resolution is high, and it reproduces precisely and realistically from low to high frequencies, but the W2 does... More

bySY on
DS Master1& ION-001 Vinyl ionizer

After some thought, I introduced DS Maste 1 when I started analog again. If you want high-quality sound with MC & Phonoiko, you will need to invest many times more. After the introduction of DS Master 1, the analog sound quality exceeded that of digital playback on dCS, and we had to replace it... More

byH.I(Japan) on
Grand Master (Cartridge) & W2(Equalizer)

I sympathize with DS Audio's corporate philosophy and have used it with DS002, W2 and Grand Master from DS001, the debut work of DS Audio. I think the common features of DS Audio are the quiet background sound and the delicate and beautiful sound. With the DS001, the left and right were not sufficiently... More

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