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DS002  reviews

Absolute sound DS002 review by Jonathan Valin(English)


U-Audio magazine review (Chinese)

The audio beathink DS002 review(English)


Hi Fi News review by Ken Kessler(English)


DS002 sample sound

You can listen the audio sample of DS002 optical cartridge.
Recording system:DS002 optical cartridge set+EMT930 turntable + Jelco 750L 12inch tone arm→Tascam rw 901mk2(16bit /44.1kHz )   

First taste lonely

A piece of me

Where and when

Comme un tango

nobody knows

It is possible to download the above five files from the following drop file link.


 DS002 instruction manual

DS002 instruction manual.pdf


Product comparison chart

Product comparison chart


Troubleshooting if the cartridge does not light



Download DS002 logos, photos, catalogs, etc.(Dropbox link)