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byM(Japan) on
DS-E1 set

DS-E1 Happy days with music I used to listen to it with DENON's station blur, so I used many types of MC, including the genuine DL-103. Since the DN-308F is equipped with an equalizer amplifier, there was no need to prepare an equalizer amplifier or preamplifier. MC listening with the equalizer... More

byDr. Albert Uy on
DS Audio Grand Master Set & ION-001 Vinyl Ionizer

DS Audio Grand Master Set & ION-001 Vinyl Ionizer Day 1 after installation of the DS Audio Grand Master (GM) cartridge on the Sikora tonearm and readjusting of SGR Model V racks to accommodate the heavy GM Phono Equalizer with separate power supply: Like my previous DS Audio Master 1, ... More

by土屋洋(Japan) on
DS-W2 set

I bought the DS-W2 two years ago. I've used many MC cartridges so far, but the W2 sounds quite different from those MC cartridges. It is a natural and realistic sound without coloring. The resolution is high, and it reproduces precisely and realistically from low to high frequencies, but the W2 does... More

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DS002  reviews

Hi Fi News review by Ken Kessler(English)

“Charmed by the DS-W1, I am staggered to find its ‘budget’ sibling is even more enchanting.”
“This is clean, yet sweet, precise in imaging and grand in scale. It’s another triumph, for sure.”

Absolute sound review(English)

“A purely analog device (with the natural warmth and three-dimensionality that that implies), the DS 002 nonetheless has
a high measure of the resolution…it is, particularly in the midband, the most lifelike cartridge
JV has had in his system.”

The audio beathink DS002 review(English)

“The DS Audio line of optical cartridges is all about pure fidelity and great harmonics played with rich and beautiful tonal color. They offer natural and realistic warmth without giving up speed or detail, and they have a temporal realism that is closer to live music than I have heard from any magnetic cartridge”
“For now, the DS Audio DS 002 is the best cartridge I have heard for under $10,000. In fact, with it’s included phono stage for $5,500.”


Absolute sound DS002 review by Jonathan Valin(English)

“The bottom line here is very clear—at least to me. In the past I’ve been anything but a fan of optical transducers, but the DS 002 is a breakthrough—far and away the best cartridge of its type I’ve heard in my system.”


Hi-Fi Critic (UK)

“The DS-002 sounds so calm and controlled that it’s genuinely relaxing,” “It’s very transparent with powerful dynamics.”


U-Audio magazine review (Chinese)


DS002 sample sound

You can listen the audio sample of DS002 optical cartridge.
Recording system:DS002 optical cartridge set+EMT930 turntable + Jelco 750L 12inch tone arm→Tascam rw 901mk2(16bit /44.1kHz )   

First taste lonely

A piece of me

Where and when

Comme un tango

nobody knows

It is possible to download the above five files from the following drop file link.

DS002 instruction manual

DS002 instruction manual

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product specifications comparison sheet

Troubleshooting if the cartridge does not light


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