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↑DS-W2 opening video made by Oslo Hi Fi center(DS Audio Norway distributor)


Product catalog

DS-W2 catalog


DS Audio catalog2019 (all products 3.4M)




DS-W2 gets the highest score ever since its launch(Germany magazine

Cartridge evaluation list page of AUDIO magazine. DS-W2 scored 125 points and updated the cartridge category world’s highest score.
This is the highest ever score since the launch of the AUDIO magazine.

”It does not happen often that it makes me speechless.  But what the DS Audio DS-W2 gets out of a record really mocks any description.  
In terms of dynamics and transparency, I have never heard a better pickup in my life. ”

↑Double Prize for Stereo Sound Grand Prix & BEST BUY (Cartridge Division) No. 1 at Stereo Sound Grand Prix No. 209(Japan)


Hi-Fi News review by Ken Kessler(English) 

“On the difficult, inner-groove ‘Broken Arrow’ the cartridge tracked it perfectly,The DS-W2 has no problem handling all of the details in even the most cluttered of tracks. 
This is a reference-grade cartridge, and blessed relief for those hankering after a Master 1, at double the price.”


DS-W2 review in US(English) 

“The DS Audio W-2 is all about fidelity and great harmonics played with rich and beautiful tonal color. It offers a little more natural and realistic warmth than the other two cartridges without giving up speed or detail to the DS-002 and only a little to the Master1”


Poland Hi Fidelity magazine(English&Poland)

“The sound it offers is extremely comfortable. It is rich from the top the the very bottom, it beautifully shows the foreground, which is large, rich and strong. There is high dynamics here and great resolution.”
“one can write down the fact that the DS Audio system is completely quiet”

DS-W2 review in Hong Kong(Chinese)


Instruction Manual

DS-W2 Instruction manual

Product comparison chart

Product comparison chart


Troubleshooting if the cartridge does not light



Download DS-W2 logos, photos, catalogs, etc.(Dropbox link)