DS Master1

DS Master1

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DS Master1 catalog
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DS Master1 review

 Hi Fi News DS Master1 review by Ken Kessler(English)

“After years of using only MCs, and following a month with Koetsu’s Onyx, the DS Audio Master 1 was a shock because its presentation was so clean and noiseless –even more so than its siblings.It requires the listener to dispel any preconceptions about vinyl.
It has speed, detail and space to rival Deccas. The sacrifice for this is a trace of warmth… so wear a cardigan. Believe me: this cartridge is phenomenal.”


Positive feedback Brutus Award2019

“I can say that the results from the beginning and over time with the DS Master 1 have been nothing less than absolutely breathtaking”
“Many turntables, tonearms, and cartridges have come and gone over the past two decades. Frankly, I don’t think that I’ve ever heard better LP playback than the DS Audio DS Master 1 hosted by the NVS and the Durand Tosca. For transparency, clarity, detail, and purity of sound…for making grooves sound like master tape…the DS Audio DS Master 1 is top-o’-the-heap here in 2019”


dagogo review

“There’s one final area where the DS Master1 Optical Cartridge is the best I’ve ever heard.”



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DS Master1 instruction manual

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Troubleshooting if the cartridge does not light


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