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Q and A

Q,Cartridge does not light up.
A,Please use the troubleshooting document↓

Trouble shooting↑

Q,Do you need this special EQ?

A,Our optical cartridge requires the designated EQ.
The reason is
(1)This EQ provides electric power to the optical elements in cartridge
(2)Optical Cartridge Equalizing differs from those of MM/MC due to the
amplitude proportional detection method.

Q,Can you replace needle/Stylus?
A,We will replace needle/Stylus upon your order and pre-payment
please send us your cartridge for the replacement of needle/Stylus.

Q,Is your optical cartridge non-contact reading of a record?
A,No. DS-w1optical
cartridge uses a needle/Stylus as the same as MM/MC cartridges.

Q,Does optical cartridge work with any tone-arms?
A, Optical cartridge EQ applies electric power
to the optical elements in the cartridge through Ground lines of Left and right
channel. In seldom cases, you find Tone arm having a common ground for left and
right channels. DS-W1 does not work in such tone arms. Tone arm has 4 lines
(Red/White/Green/Blue) to connect to a cartridge, and when Green/Blue ground
lines are connected to a common ground, DS-W1 does not work. IF you are not
sure, please refer to your tone arm manual, or contact to your dealer /Tone arm