CES 2015

We, DS-Audio, have made our first USA exhibition at Consumer Electronics Show-2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada.During the CES, from Jan.6th –Jan.10th, we have exhibited our cartridges at Musical Surroundings’booth. Musical Surroundings has its long history in Analog music products, and
well recognized in analog world in the area. Being our cartridge distributor inUSA/Canada, Musical Surroundings is also carrying Clear Audio, and Benz-Micro distributionsin USA.

CES is held every year in January, and targeted for the professional people who are in the business. Exhibitions of High-end audio products were located in Venetian Hotel site, which is separated from the main exhibition center for other Consumer product exhibitions, where you see major consumer product makers such as SONY, Samsung, Microsoft, and so. 4 floors of Venetian hotel are used for this high-end audio exhibitions this year. Many audio related makers are attended the show. (Exact number is not sure, but I suppose there are over 50 makers on each floor of Venetian Hotel)

  Musical Surroundings room in CES2015         DS-W1 “nightrider cartridge”

  DS-W1″nightrider” with Magico S3 SP      CES2015 was held inVenetian hotel suite room

Impression of CES: I am overwhelmed by the fact that a large number of exhibitors had their demonstrations done by analog music. Analog music has a strong existence in the USA market. Regarding Optical cartridges,Japanese audio fans are well informed of optical cartridge introduced manyyears ago. However, Optical cartridge was unknown to the most of the people at the show in Las Vegas. I heard them saying, “What is this? ”, many times on the floor.

Fortunately, after a short introduction and demonstration, most of the visitors have expressed their strong interests in our cartridge. As for our first appearance in USA, I would like to conclude that it was such a successful introduction of our cartridges to the market.During our demonstration,
we were often asked to make a sound comparison between MC cartridge and Optical cartridge. “Open-reel Sound!” was one of common impressions of the listeners and the clear sound of optical cartridge left them with
pleasant surprise.

We are also happy to say that DS-W1 was used by SONY for their product demonstration at SONY booth during the show.
Unlike many other people, this was our first attendance in CES.  

It was such an eye-opening experience for us. We are determined to come back next year with more sound quality and new products.

Set List     MAGICO[S3](SP)+AESTHETIX(pre+power) 
          +AMG[VIELLA 12](turntable)+DS Audio[DS-W1](CR+EQ)

    Many people said “open reel sound!” when they heard the
           DS-W1 nightrider cartridge sound.

    Sony used DS-W1 nightrider cartridge for their demonstration in CES2015.

       Las Vegas night 1                  Las Vegas night 2