2014HongKong Audio show

Hong Kong Audio Show, one of the two major Audio shows in AsiaHK Audio Show and Guangzhou Audio show inChina,  was held in August. We have made our first appearance in Hong Kong through our Hong Kong partner, ForthwiseLtd..  Over 40 thousand of people visited the show though out the 3 days of the exhibition. It was our eye-opening experience to feel the strong market dynamism in Asia.

DS Audio was exhibited in Forthwise Ltd room              TV interview

DS Audio has announced our Optical Cartridge, oversea model, DS-W1, at the show, and has received overwhelming response from not only the visitors but also from the various media worldwide. Our demonstration, carried out on Air Forth Two turn table, caught eyes of people and many people had
to lined up to get into our demo-room.
Some of the comments after the demonstration were; “It is like a master tape. I’ve never heard of such a fresh sound from Analog records”, “Never thought Analog records had such rich sounds.”
“Good, no, it is Great!”  It is our amplitude proportional play back technology that is taking out all the music information recorded on the groove, and no artificial emphasis nor sound decoration. We were proud and happy to be able to present our Optical cartridge performance with a full of sound information in pure audio experience in Hong Kong.

      DS Audio demonstration                Day1~Day2 set

We were very thankful that our first appearance in oversea market ended with very successful
demonstrations and market presentation. We believe that DS Audio was able to come across many people with our cartridge concept and most of all our sound philosophy tough the exhibition. We have taken a small but an important step to bring our Optical Audio technology into the market. As for Audio lovers, DS Audio will keep our endless effort to bring you the most enriched sound 
experience though our state-of-art optical audio technologies.

   held a many Live performances      photo with CH,STENHAIM members(after the show)

Set list

DAY1,DAY2    Wilson benesch[The Endeavor](SP)+NAGRA[Melody][VPA](pre+power)
          +Tech DAS[Air Force Two](player)+DS Audio[DS-W1](CR+EQ)

DAY3        STENHEIM[REFERENCE](SP)+CH Precision[L1][M1](pre+power)
          +Tech DAS[Air Force Two](player)+DS Audio[DS-W1](CR+EQ)