DS Master1

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Newly Designed “Advanced Opt-mechanical” System.This advanced opt-mechanical design enables us to position our newly designed micro-optic sensor unit near the stylus, resulting we got much fresh sound.
Together with introducing the wire-suspended cantilever unit, DS Master1 provides you the ultimate level of sound separation and sound quality
Micro-ridge stylus with minimum curvature radius mounted on to sapphire cantilever.
Overwhelming rigidity.Mechanical parts are made of Ultra duralumin, and Power indicator window is made by amethyst
Left side carved [DS Audio] logo
Right side carved [Master1] logo

Fully independent left channel and right channel discreet circuits, and Separate Cartridge transformer
Master Equalizer adopts fully independent and separated structure. Skillfully designed analog circuits are assembled by discreet components. Each channel holds its own transformer of ample power and so does cartridge LED drive unit.
Besides our RCA output terminals, DS Master1 equalizer is provided with XLR terminals for the balance output
RCA and XLR outputs have three sets of terminals for three different low frequency cut-off levels, providing your choice.
This is the result of 12 pieces of 120K μf Electrolytic capacitors used in the equalizer.


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DS Master1 review

dagogo review

“There’s one final area where the DS Master1 Optical Cartridge is the best I’ve ever heard.”


 Hi Fi News DS Master1 review by Ken Kessler(English)



DS Master1 instruction manual

DS Master1 instruction manual